Amore Series

Contemporary Romance

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Follow the trials and tribulations of feisty engaging characters as they navigate their way to a happily ever after.

Set in Italy – the country of pasta, pizza and passion the Amore Series will keep you warm at night!



Dora Porcaro

Dora traded in her corporate power suits for the intoxicating world of romance writing. Blame it on her mother! With a childhood home full of kissing books, an obsession with romance was inevitable.

She draws inspiration from her Italian roots and the coastal views of her Melbourne home when writing. Resilient and sassy heroines lead the way in her contemporary and fantasy romance novels, with irresistible and swoon-worthy men joining them on the pages. Passion, laughter, and just the right amount of heartache weave through her stories, leaving the readers craving more.

When Dora is not lost in her imagination, she can be found swimming or curled up with a book from her favorite authors Lucy Score and Sarah J. Maas. And let’s not forget her weakness for pistacchio ice cream and Baci chocolates—each bite a sweet echo of the kisses waiting within her novels.

Coming Soon

Best Friends to Lovers

Stefano and Johanna have been friends for years.  So how do they naviate from friends to lovers?

Second Chance

Friends to Lovers

Gianni and Diana have got history.  A marriage refusal and an agreement to just be friends.
I don’t think so!


Enemies to Lovers

Francesca and Luca are both stubborn and headstrong.  How the heck can they make love work! 

Comedy Romance

Luna and Valentino are strangers who just happen to bump into each other too many times for it to be a coincidence.


Maybe…..(insert shoulder shrug here)


Second Chance

Enemies to Lovers

There is no way Victoria and Carlo can be anything but business colleagues.  They proved that years ago…right?

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Amore Americano is currently with  Editor extraordinaire Lauren!

More Revisions to be made whilst the Cover Designer weaves their magic!

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