I was introduced to Dora about 18 months ago, and ever since, she is the person I turn to when I feel overwhelmed with my responsibilities, or stuck in a rut, unable to see the way forward.

Dora listens with intent. Rather than offering advice from the outset, she reflects back to me what she has heard, allowing me to see things from a different perspective. I don’t always like what I see, but Dora works with me to break things down into manageable chunks and encourages me with ways to make positive changes.

After my sessions with Dora, I always feel challenged, but ultimately, a weight lifts, and I’m usually back on track within a couple of days.

Sandra Isaacs

Christchurch New Zealand

Dora’s ability to use her gentle insight to push you to the root of your personal truth is incredible.

Her work is a mix between the guidance of a friend and the loving nudge of a mentor, asking you to fly.

My life would be poorer if I hadn’t worked with her.

Cori Rupe



I was pretty much living day to day without any direction.  And then I met with Dora. Her mentoring and wisdom have been so helpful.  I’m forever grateful!