(and her Third Person Bio!)

Dora says Hi!

With over 30 years studying the role of communication in all aspects of our lives, Teacher, Writer, Award Winning Business Owner, Mentor Dora Porcaro adds her experience of working with clients as a powerful dimension to her work in helping  to Empower.  Dora doesn’t shy away from using tough love, not for the faint hearted, Dora provides a safe place where she shares impactful life changing tools to help you make changes—if not in the world—then at least in your little corner of it!

OK, so now that we’ve done the Third Person Bio wink

Here’a a little more about me.

Over the last 21 years, I’ve built and sold two successful businessess.  Won awards two years running with one of them (Amazon Conveyancing Services) and set myself in my new home living bayside with the other.  I am forever grateful.

During this time I’ve taught communication skills at Swinburne University of Tafe as well as mentoring clients and students alike. **

The last 18 months I decided to take the plunge and follow wherever my creativity muse decided to take me.   I’ve painted to my hearts content and started to write.  Enjoying the process soooo much that I’ve writen and published two books, with more in the pipeline.

It’s absolutely joyous!

It is my hope that I can mentor you into finding your own bliss.

**Certificate IV Training & Assessment

**Christopher Howard NLP Training & Coaching Certification